Webinar: Architecture Capability Maturity Assessment & Enterprise Architecture (Engelstalig)

At ValueBlue we believe that every organization is unique and therefore the need for insights and changes is different. To ensure that the right agreements are made and only those insights which fit the organization are recorded, we have drawn up an Architecture Capability Maturity Assessment, to determine where the organization from an architectural perspective is now and in a year’s time.

Aljen Kampman explains how an Architecture Capability Maturity Assessment can lead to configuring a BlueDolphin Enterprise Architecture convention model.  Moreover, how BlueDolphin implementation, Governance and Customer Success Management can reinforce each other in an ongoing improvement cycle.

Speaker: Aljen Kampman
Date: Thursday June 4th
Time: 4:00 – 4:45 pm CEST / 10:00 – 10:45 am EDT
Language: English


jun 04 2020


16:00 - 16:45